TEMPEST: a revolutionary personal weather system on Kickstarter

TEMPEST: a revolutionary personal weather system on Kickstarter

By / Life Styles / Monday, 18 November 2019 11:28

How often are we left guessing whether it is going to be too cold in the evening or too hot during the day? How many times in the last month did you leave the house in weather non-appropriate clothing? How often did you leave your umbrella home because the forecast didn’t report rain and got in huge trouble because of it?


I bet that happened to you a lot.


Do not worry. I am the victim of all of this as well. But no more. Not since TEMPEST was introduced to the markets.






What is TEMPEST you would ask? Oh. This development is going to change everything in your household It is your own state of the art weather station that is going to rid you of all of the weather-related troubles in any weather. Tempest is fully synced with the mobile app that will help you not only follow all of the possible weather changes but also will help National and regional Weather Services create more accurate weather forecast for the country in general.



Wind, rain, lightning, temperature, humidity, pressure and sunlight – all of these are measured by Tempest in order to create a perfect forecast for you and your family. Panning a picnic outside the city? Want to organize a BBQ in your back yard? Want to go to the beach with your friends? Never be caught off guard anymore! Rely on Tempest to give you a perfect weather forecast for the future.




Those who have already embraced smart house technologies are going to be pleased to know that TEMPEST is going to proof to be very helpful with setting it up. Turn your sprinkles on when it is predicting rain. Shut down the blinds when the sun comes up, close all of the doors when strong winds come – isn’t that neat?



TEMPEST is going to proof enormous help for years to come as the device is made with sturdy materials with no moving parts, so you are going to enjoy it for many years, no matter the weather and conditions around you.




If you want to invest into the project or purchase your very own tempest, you can do it here




Anna S

Anna S

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