PROPEL esperesso glass on Kickstarter

PROPEL esperesso glass on Kickstarter

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How many of us prefer to start the morning off with a cup of refreshing coffee? Billions! Some are so used to this small ritual, that waking up without it is simply unimaginable and undoable. And for good reason – a sip of hot espresso in the morning gives us power for the whole day and makes sure that we stay alert for whatever is going to be thrown at us during the day.


But not all of us have the possibility to enjoy coffee the way it is supposed to be. Some us do not have the time, so we just sip it on our way to work, instated of while relaxed and reading a morning paper. Some of us do not have a coffee machine, so we are left just pouring hot water over grinded coffee right in the cup. And some of us do not have the right cups for the job. That’s right – you heard me.


Fresh espresso deserves to be drunk out of the right cup, as it has one of the most important jobs in our day – waking us up and keeping us awake, no matter how little sleep we got last night So it is the least we could do – have the right cups that are going to let us enjoy our beverage to the fullest.



That is why everyone needs PROPEL – special espresso cups that are going to give us just the right experience of espresso drinking.


PROPEL is an innovative espresso glass that is going to change the way you are drinking coffee forever.



What is different about these glasses? Well, PROPEL have several features that are going to make the experience unique – the have headspace, internal fins, and a double-to-single-walled construction. What does all of that mean?


Well, double-to-single walls are going to make sure to keep your coffee hot, while still remaining cold in your hand and a special opening of the top of the glass is going to allow you to enjoy that full espresso aroma to the fullest.



That was precisely the goal of the creators of PROPEL – 70 percent of our taste perception is due to our smell perception, so we really need to take in as much smell as possible. That is where PROPEL really delivers. 



The glass was designed to naturally fit into your hand, calling for you to swirl the coffee around in the glass. Internal fins are destratifying the beverage as you swirl giving you the consistent taste with every sip that you take in.




Swirling the espresso allows you to enjoy every layer of the coffee, as it tends fall apart as the glass just stands there. Mixing all of the layers together is going to let all of the flavors and aromas to join together in a symphony of taste and sound.



When it comes to drinking coffee – we all deserve the best. And that means that we all deserve PROPEL.



If you want to back the project up, you can do it right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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