A Perfect Stabilizer Companion on Indiegogo

A Perfect Stabilizer Companion on Indiegogo

By / Life Styles / Tuesday, 15 October 2019 10:34

Do you remember when selfie-sticks exploded? That was a real revolution in the world of making photos and videos with your mobile devices. But it seems that the time for selfies sticks has passed and we are now ready for the next step in this field.

Lucky for us, people from SIRUI USA have already taken care of it as they came up with A Perfect Stabilizer Companion – so much more than a selfie stick!

A device that can be operated with both – a mobile app and with the buttons of its body, it is going to fully change the way you are looking at filming and making photos with your phone. It does so much that you are going to forget how it is – to film something without it. Plus, it is so multifunctional that it is going to revolutionize and popularize making whole films with your phone – that is a certain guarantee.

The device is going to firmly grip and hold your phone – anything up to 300 grams, which is quite a lot for a modern device. It can operate in 4 different modes:

Tilting-Following Locked



Tilting Following



Triaxial Following Locked



POV (Roll Follow Mode)



OLED built-in display is going to show you how much of the charge is left on your device and in which mode it is currently working. Systems, helping the device operate are going to make sure that your filming is as smooth as can be. Even running looks pretty good.




Wheel dial is going to make turning comfortable and seamless guaranteeing that your panoramic shoots are going to look incredible.



There is practically nothing that this device can’t do when it comes to smooth and next-to-perfect video shoots: tracking a certain object.



Transition shots.



Spinning and tilting.



It can adjust to the angles and tilts, it can be adjusted automatically and manually ad it is light and portable, its specs are perfect for its price – what more can we want from a device like that?



Well, the only thing that we might want is to help the project with further development right here.


You might also want to pay attention towards a model that is going to work together with the rest of your devices, not just a mobile phone.




Anna S

Anna S

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