Brush Lee, 10 Seconds Fully Auto-Toothbrush

Brush Lee, 10 Seconds Fully Auto-Toothbrush

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You are doing this for more than 82 days in your life. Can you guess what it is? Well, brushing your teeth of course! Just imagine – almost 3 months of your life are spent with a toothbrush in your hands. And just thinking about it – it seems ridiculous. Not caring about your smile, of course. But the fact that you are spending so much time on ensuring that it is snow-white.



Of course, sooner or later we were bound to have a solution to this time-wasting problem. And so we did! Here is Brush Lee – the latest development that is going to help you have the whitest smile, the freshest breath in just 10 quick seconds!




What is Brush Lee? Well, it is so much more than just a clever pun-name. it is also one of the best solutions for teeth-brushing in the market. With a push of one button you are launching tooth-pasting foaming process. Then you just place a U-shaped brush in your mouth and go on about your shaving or skin-care routine. This way you are not only saving time on brushing, but can also multi-task.



Brush Lee is very compact and very portable. This means that you can carry it around to wherever you go. It also does not require any additional wires to be carried around in order to charge the brush – it is equipped with one of the latest development in the world – wireless charging station.



Brush Lee has a motor ‘producing high frequency acoustic vibrations that create cavitation effects in the periodontal instance’. This means that every one of your teeth is going to be cleaned thoroughly from all the sides and you are not going to have to do anything for it.



Special U-shaped mouthpiece has nylon bristles which clean your teeth with care. The fact that they are very soft are not going to damage your teeth, but at the same time is going to ensure that every tooth is cleaned to a perfection. There are 1244 bristles on one Brush Lee mouthpiece. This means that on average, each tooth is cleaned by nearly 38 bristles.




Brush Lee runs on a special mouth-washing liquid, which gives far more effective and better results when compared with the regular toothpaste that you are to squeeze out into other u-shaped devices.



Brush-lee only takes 10 seconds out of your day in order to brush your teeth. All of the teeth are brushed simultaneously. But. In case you want a longer or more thorough brush, you can always use a mobile app that gives you access to time and power of each brush.



Brush Lee is nothing like you have ever seen before. And the experience of using it is nothing like you have experienced before. If you want to support the project, you can do it here.   




Anna S

Anna S

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