PrinCube - The World's Smallest Mobile Printer on Indiegogo

PrinCube - The World's Smallest Mobile Printer on Indiegogo

By / Life Styles / Friday, 11 October 2019 10:20

Personalizing is very important in the modern world where everything that we use is mass-produced. And that goes for everything – from clothes to the appliances we use. But the only way to really stand out of the crowd is to personalize your things yourself.


And here is where PrinCube is really going to help you with your task.



PrinCube is a small, light-weight printer that is going to print on any surface and any text that you need. The long-lasting battery is going to make sure that you can print up to 415 pages in one go – that is a long time. In general, the device can work up to 6 hours and has a 1-year stand by time.






It is also very easy to change ink cartridges – open, take the old one out, insert new one and close – even a child would know how to do it.



In general, the device is going to help with a lot of tasks that seem so insignificant to you right until the time you have to perform them. For example, signing a gift for a close one and never managing to do it properly. Or print something on box that you send away. Printing on metal? Easy-peasy!




All and all PrinCube is going to help you deal with a lot of things and is going to come in really handy when it comes to emergencies. It is always ready to perform and using it, you are not going to stumble across any inconveniences – it is the lightest printer in existence. it is impossible to compare it to all of the other mobile printers as it is so much different from all of them.




PrinCube was designed to be used by modern people in modern environment but it doesn’t mean that its history is going to stop here and now – its usage in the future is only going to become more efficient and better.



So, do not waste your time looking for some other way to stand out from the crowd and researching other portable printers when you have the ultimate solution right here and now.


PrinCube – support the projeсt here.




Anna S

Anna S

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