Paprcuts sneakers for greener and cleaner Earth on Indiegogo

Paprcuts sneakers for greener and cleaner Earth on Indiegogo

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Saving our planet from waste is a job number 1 for us right now. We as a society have a lot of responsibility in front of our common home. And sometimes saving the planet is very tough. But you are now going to be pleased to know that you are going to be able to do in style.


Paprcuts sneakers – sneakers that are going to last you longer and that you are going to be able to recycle with minimal impact on the environment if any for that matter.


Paprcuts sneakers are going to become one of the most long-lived, resilient and versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe. You are going to be able to combine them with any item of clothing that you already own and even wear them any time of year. They are not afraid of water or heat – high-tech modern materials are going to make sure that whatever you put the pair through, they are going to withstand the pressure from your lifestyle.




The design was developed and Portugal. This is also where the sneakers are developed, although the materials come from Germany.




The team behind Paprcuts sneakers want to save the planet and are going to make everything possible that make that happen. That is why the materials behind this pair of sneakers as well as the versatile design are all high quality but can be recycled with ease.

One has a lot of color, and size options with Paprcuts sneakers – one of many things making them so desirable for the modern market where individual approach and customer’s comfort and love is everything.




Of course with so many other countries battling for the multi-billion-dollar industry domination one small European company has very slim chance to go mainstream. But the motto of saving the planet sure does give the developers of Paprcuts sneakers a lot of advantage. Plus, they are going to plant one mangrove tree per every sold couple of Paprcuts sneakers.




That is one of the coolest concept that I have seen in a long time.


If you care about the planet and comfortable resilient footwear, you should definitely support the developers of Paprcuts sneakers right here.




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Anna S

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