Le PETIT by LES FINES LAMES on Indiegogo

Le PETIT by LES FINES LAMES on Indiegogo

By / Life Styles / Wednesday, 04 September 2019 10:55

What is really favored and valued in the modern world? Small size, light weight and as much functions as the item can hold. This can be evidenced by our phones and the popularity of multitools used by us daily. And that is true for our today’s item which is Le PETIT by LES FINES LAMES.


Le PETIT is another invention by LES FINES LAMES – a company that decided to make new and new developments after the success of their cigar knife. And of course they are remaining true to themselves as the group of cigar smoking enthusiasts.



Located in France, LES FINES LAMES know the real value of relaxing and enjoying life. And that is exactly what Le PETIT is helping them do. Now you can enjoy a cigar on-the-go, but that is not all what this small and very functional knife can do.



Of course as I was talking about mutlitools it is clear that LE PETIT can unfold into a full-on knife that is going to help you open a letter, cut up some fruit or make a simple amuse bouche. Believe me, even those who have never smoked cigars are going to find this knife helpful – its small size and light weight are going to make sure that you are going to be very comfortable to take it with you on trips and picnics while sturdy materials make ure that you will enjoy it for years to come.



But of course LES FINES LAMES understand that they have quite the competition in the markets. That is why you can purchase exclusive knife… from SPACE!

That’s right. Just three of the LES FINES LAMES’ golden knives went to space on a special balloon. And you can become a proud owner of one of them. If you have your doubts and the exclusivity of these knives here is the video that is going to prove me right and that is going to prove – they guys are for real.




There are several variations of the color that is going to make sure – no matter your taste you are going to find something that is going to suit you and your exquisite taste for quite a low price, especially if you are going to get in the game now.




Be sure to help out the project right here.  




Anna S

Anna S

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