Philips PicoPix Max projector on Indiegogo

Philips PicoPix Max projector on Indiegogo

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Who doesn’t love going to the movies? We all love the experience of seeing our favorite actors on the bid screen. But sometimes screaming children, loud pop corn eaters and the person kicking your seat from behind can really spoil the experience for you.


And after a bad cinema visit you start to think – what if you had cinema at home? That way you would be able to enjoy movies in comfort of your own home whenever you feel like it.


Enter Philips PicoPix Max – it is small, convenient and very capable projector that is going to help you bring your dream to life.



PicoPix Max is a great, portable projector that can help you set up a screening of whatever you wish wherever and whenever you feel like it. It has all the cool features all of the modern technology, especially a projector needs:

- Native Full HD;

- Cast up to 120”;

- Up to 3 Hrs of Battery Life;

- 16GB Memory;

- Built-In Speakers;

- USB-C (video+power), MicroSD, HDMI - Wi-Fi / Bluetooth;

- Supports Netflix, Youtube, Kodi, and 4000+ Android Apps (specs provided by developer).



One can say that this is a full-on entertainment unit that you can take with you and set up in just several quick motions. The quality of the picture is really going to surprise you. You are not going to believe that such a small device can not only provide you with the quality of picture that good, but also to be able to adjust to the conditions that you put it in.



I mean that it has a wonderful ability to project a perfect picture from any angle – no matter where you out it, it is always going to be upright and working.



It has the ability to sync with all your tech devices no matter the way you choose it to connect with – cable or wireless, it is going to meet all of your projector needs.




If you want to feel inserted right into the picture - PicoPix Max is just what you need!


You can fund this project right here.



Anna S

Anna S

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