POWERUP 4.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane on Kickstarter

POWERUP 4.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane on Kickstarter

By / Life Styles / Thursday, 31 October 2019 10:57

When you were a child, I bet that one of your favorite activities with friends was making your paper plane and letting it go. Admit is, you spent hours perfecting your model of a paper plane, praying that it is going to go as far as possible.


I also bet that if your younger self saw POWERUP 4.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane, you would go nuts over it, because this is the device that would surely make you a winner in every race.



So, what is this POWERUP? You make an airplane out of paper, according to your best construction instinct, attach the device to it and just let it go, controlling the flight with a mobile app.



The device only weighs 19 grams and can lift plane made out of anything, as long as it weighs 20 grams or less. 25 minutes’ charge is going to give you 10 minutes of up to 70 meters’ wireless flight range. The speed is unbelievable for something so small – up to 9 meters per second! Impressive, huh?  


What abilities does POWERUP give you? You are going to be able to do tricks with your plane. Wind is not going to be your enemy anymore, no matter how bad the launch was, it going to help your plane recover and fly. And of course every flight is going to be smooth and perfect.




POWERUP can also boast with 2 high speed motors which are going to double the power of the thrust and as a result your turns and maneuvering is going to be more rapid and more exciting. You know what else these two ensure? That no matter what material your plane is made out of, it is going to lift it just fine – as if every plane in paper.



Seriously. Wood, foam or cardboard – you are going to be able to have fun with all of them. Plus, you know that in case of a rough landing, the device is going to live, thanks to the improved technologies that make it so durable and resistant to any damage received during the flight and different possible mishaps – it is a toy after all.




But do not count on a lot of emergency landings. Two wheel attaching to the plane are made to be resistant. These two little circles are going to make sure that both – landing and takeoffs are done to perfection.


You want to make your rides even more exciting? Optional LED lights are the perfect addition to the POWERUP setup. Just attach them onto your plane and voila – you can easily have disco fights with your friends even at night, if the mood strikes you.



So, how do you stir? Simply – you just tilt your phone and the plane is going to repeat all the actions.



So, strap in, find your perfect paper plane design and enjoy POWERUP!


You can back up the project right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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