Katris Nest - perfect lounge place for your cats on Indiegogo

Katris Nest - perfect lounge place for your cats on Indiegogo

By / Pets / Thursday, 15 August 2019 08:29

Is there a better sound than a cat purring? Not for a lot of people. That is why a lot of cat owners are striving to get the best for their beloved pets. And here is where Katris Nest is coming in very handy.



The inspiration behind Katris Nest came to the developer when he saw his cat rubbing its back on the carpet. That is when the idea struck – what if there was a universal bed/back scratcher for cats and dogs alike? And in case this very thought visited you as well, today is your lucky day – now there is such a thing.


Introducing Katris Nest! A cool bed for cats to scratch their backs in. No more hair of your furniture and carpet. Now your cat has its own space to scratch and purr.




The nest is made up out of 100 side panels all of which can move and adjust according to the shapes your cat prefers to lie in.




The center is lined with a comfy pillow which is not only good for lounging but also for scratching. But do not worry! It is completely replaceable, so your pet is always going to be able to rest in luxury and comfort.


Katris Nest gives your beloved pet everything it could ever wish for – lounging, sleeping, scratching and rubbing. Put it in the sun and your cat has a lovely spot for a quiet evening.




It is true – the idea behind the Nest is super simple and very easy to produce. That means that the final product is not going to be too expensive and affordable for all the pets in the world.



If you love your pet and would like to get Katris Nest onto the shelves of your nearest shop you can sponsor this idea right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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