Ares:The Most Powerful Portable Power Station Ever on Indiegogo

Ares:The Most Powerful Portable Power Station Ever on Indiegogo

By / Life Styles / Tuesday, 24 September 2019 10:48

There are full generations that grew up not knowing what it is like – to live without the benefit of electricity at all times. We have internet and outlets as one of our major needs. And no, we are not ashamed of it. That is what the progress is all about.


But the question still stands – if we require electricity at all times, can we somehow accumulate it and move with us.


Well, of course we can. And the newest Most Powerful Portable Power Station Ever Ares is going to help us with this task.



Ares is the newest development that is going to come in handy in so many places and times. Its ability to charge 12 gadgets simultaneously is going to help large companies with their picnics and outdoor parties. It is very safe and it is going to serve your family for up to 10 years – such is the life for the battery of Ares.



It is completely green – no gasoline requires. It can be powered with the help of the solar panel that goes together with the power station.



Ares was designed to fit any device that you might have. It meets the international standards pf all of the outlet types and is going to come in handy in any country of the world as we tend to have different outlets in different countries. 

It can even power the whole households, if needed. If the power in your house got shut down in just 0.01 second Ares is going to take over the most necessary appliances in your house. This way you can be sure that nothing important is going to go not cared for. 



Phones – EZ PZ!

Laptops – no hard task!

TVs and projectors – say no more.

Refrigerators – just plug it in!



There is nothing that this power station is going to fail to do.



Simply take it out into the wilderness or rely on it at your home – Ares for sure is not going to fail you.




We hope that Ares is going to woo you. If it already has, just support the project right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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