LavvieBot S - robotized cat lavatory on Indiegogo

LavvieBot S - robotized cat lavatory on Indiegogo

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Let’s face it – sometimes there is nothing better in the world than to have a cat. They are furry, they purr and they play with their toys as if they are just tine cute lions. But there are aspects of cat-owning that can barely bring joy to us – cat lovers.


And I am not talking about the fur which is getting everywhere no matter how hard you try.


I am talking about cleaning cats’ lavatories.


That is a chore no one wants to do but that has to be done on a daily basis if you live in an appurtenant or if you do not let your cat go outside the house. And of course it is no wonder that even this process is getting robotized.


Look at LavvieBot S – a smart lavatory for your cat. It does all the cleaning and refilling all by itself. For up until 21 days you may not worry – your cat most private needs are going to be covered.



Here are 3 main functions to this device.

It cleans everything out of itself;



It refills itself.



And it is compatible with your phone app.


Why the app you are going to ask? You see, lavatory needs and uses can be a primary indicator of your cat’s health. And the more you know about, the sooner you can react and take your beloved purring pet to the vet.


The lavatory device is also so smart that it can distinguish between different cats in case you own several of them and tell you about the state of health, times used and weight of each individual animal.


LavvieBot S prevent the litter coming out of the box and spreading around your home as well as blocks all of the odors that you might find less than pleasant. It is easy to wash and you can easily put it anywhere in the house as it doesn’t really occupy a lot of space.



The future ability to pare the device with other smart cat-caring devices is going to make sure that when you are not at home, your pet is going to be all taken care of!


You can help this project’s development right here.



Anna S

Anna S

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