KABUTO CARRY-ON on Kickstarter

KABUTO CARRY-ON on Kickstarter

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How often do you travel and fly? If you have to do that quite often, then you know that it might be quite uncomfortable – you do not always have a good place to hide your valuables, you have to have a separate bag for your laptop and too many souvenirs bought in your destination country can really render your bag useless as there is no place left for your personal belongings.


But it is good that there are people who think about thing like that and who are ready to make up a decision for this little trouble that travelers might come across every once in a while.


KABUTO CARRY-ON – an easy solution for your carry-on needs. Kabuto is going to let you get rid of all of the insecurities ties to your baggage in a jiffy.


What are the most widely-spread baggage issues that we are forced to face during our travels? Security? Not to worry about that: Kabuto has a fingerprint system – no one but you are going to be able to open your bags. It is very safe and you are not going to have to worry about the safety of your belongings.




Weight? Yes, bags can be very heavy. But not Kabuto. It weighs less than 3 kilograms which makes it one of the lightest travelling bags in the markets. Do not worry – its light weight doesn’t mean that it is not sturdy. It is more than capable to withstand all of the travelling-connected challenges that you might face.



Managing your laptop might also be a problem – but not with Kabuto. It has a special detachable laptop and gadgets’ bag that you can clip on and off as you please. The bag also has a 10.000 mAh battery that will let you charge any of your devices, including your laptop wherever.




Are you concerned that you are not going to be able to fit in the bag at the end of your trip? Well, Kabuto has you covered. The bag expands, giving you the additional space for all of your additional baggage.



Other feature of Kabuto include the most silent tires, shoe compartment, trap for an additional bag and a pop-up button.






In other words, Kabuto is going to provide with thing you need and the things you never imagined you needed, although from now on you are not going to be able to enjoy your travels without it!


You can back the project up right here.


Anna S

Anna S

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