Stealt Belt - safety project on Indiegogo

Stealt Belt - safety project on Indiegogo

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Safety is the number one priority in the modern world. There are simply too many desperate people who can do bad things. That is why safe things are of such great value right now. Take the newest development: an anti-theft Stealth Belt that was created special for those who are too worried about their safety.



The best thing about safety belt is the fact that no one would ever think what secrets it hides right inside itself. And believe me. You are going to want to know everything that it is hiding.



For example it has two hidden pockets that you can put your money into – no one would ever think to look for your money in your belt. That is something out of the science fiction. It is also great f holding little keys – to your apartment or your home safe locker. Being so close to your body – quite literally – is going to ensure that you are never going to lose or misplace them.



The belt was made to fit everyone, no matter the size of your waste, so you can go head and have that second piece of cake – it is not going to show at all. High efficiency materials are going to ensure that the belt is going to serve you for years to come even if you wash it several times a week.




A buckle here is a totally different story. It is magnetic, so if you need to unbuckle it is fast as you can [you know what I am taking about] it is not going to be a problem – simply unfasten it and fasten it back in place. All is done in a matter of seconds.



The belt can also serve as an emergency strap, so be sure not to forget it when you are going to spend several days in the woods with your college buddies.



In the future the developers of Stealth Belt are going to add several new features t the belt. For example a hidden Nano SIM card holder as well as SIM tray pin, which is going to come in very handy. Popular add-ons also include tool carabiner ad stealth pouch that is going to be great if you have to discreetly travel with your passport and other documentation. It I also perfect for your bank cards or a power bank.



The belt is going to become very functional and very useful item of clothing that you are going to find not only handy but also very safe.



Be sure to fund this safety project right here.





Anna S

Anna S

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