Q Mic - revolutionary sound-recording device at Indiegogo.

Q Mic - revolutionary sound-recording device at Indiegogo.

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Those who are creating content and post it online have the highest standards for the equipment they use. Especially if their content has something to do with recording audio and video. The smallest bad thing can be a reason for failure and no one can afford that nowadays – there is simply too much content going around for the one with bad quality to stick.


And that is why those producing videos are going to be super excited and appreciative when this product hits the markets!


Introducing Q Mic – one of the best sound recording solutions in the market.




This revolutionary technology allows one record sound in three different setting types: Omni, Directional, and ASMR. Those who have already tries out and tested this technology will swear by it: there is no mic easier and of better quality in its price range.



Setting the mode is as easy as it can possibly be: just flick the switch on the side of the mic and voila: now you can record in your chosen mode: ASMR allows for the high quality of the sounds with the smallest whispers to be record extremely clearly; 360 is perfect for recording outside when you want the whole street or venue to be heard clearly in your video; directional mode is perfect to record a speech of an individual sitting right in front of the camera with no additional sounds to interrupt your track.

And camera. I know how frustrating it can be to hold and set up a microphone AND a camera. But do not be worried about that. Q Mic’s tripod stand doubles up as a holder for your recording device, no matter whether it is a phone or a professional photo camera – there is place and stamina for everything.



The ability to pair with both 3- and 4-pole cables ensures that Q Mic is going to be compatible with all your devices that you might be using for recording. The fact that Mic can work with no battery makes it perfect for on-the-go usage – just plug it into your device for powering it up and you are good to record wherever.




Despite its small size Q Mic has excellent sound-recording stats.





Both amateurs and professionals can find good use for this device as it is no doubt going to conquer the world of content producing very soon.  


You can support the project right here.



Anna S

Anna S

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