The Raine One Electric Scooter on Kickstrater

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No matter how some people might resist, the progress is moving forward and reaching even the most unlikely corners of our lives. Just a few years ago we were wondering when we would see those electric scoters and bicycles in the streets and today some people cannot imagine their lives without them.


That is why there is no wondering now – the development process here is going to keep on going, opening new and new possibilities for the people all around the globe. And Raine One Electric Scooter is doing just that – it is the next step in the development of electric scooters.



Light, safe and smooth, Raine One is going to give you the feeling of total safety all the while providing you with the joy of movement. Raine is one of the most anticipated developments in today’s market and people all around are expecting to see what it is going to being to the table. And I am going to tell you what - superior acceleration, poly-shock suspension, aircraft grade materials and safety. Isn’t that enough?




Raine can accelerate to 50 km/h covering up to 4 kilometers on one charge. It can go uphill with ease and the charging process is taking as little time as possible.



You are also going to be in full control of your vehicle, having the possibility to control everything - from integrated locking, to on the fly mode switching and power management. Of course, being on the stage of prototype, we can hope that all of the features of Raine One are going to be improves, although there is no need in this – all of the features of the vehicle are next to perfect when it comes to Raine.




One of the key features of Raine is safety. The scooter is equipped with both day and night lights so that to ensure that you are not going to have any accidents any time of day.




Light, foldable and easy to operate. Every feature of Raine one was developed with the thought of convenience. And it is so pleasant to see, that the developer delivers. Those, who are going to help the project right here are going to have the possibility to test Raine One earlier than the general public. And boy, am I envious!




Anna S

Anna S

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