Smartlock Fido on Indiegogo

Smartlock Fido on Indiegogo

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In out fast pacing world it is only natural that only the oldest technologies and technologies that were considered to be very safe are going to die out only to be replaced with their modern equivalents. And while the variations of today’s item have been on the market for years it is only natural that the technologies are going to be perfected and improved.


And that is just what is happening with smart lock as it is the product that is in the spotlight today.



Introducing FIDO – a smart lock available for funding on Indiegogo.


This smart lock is easy to install, it is compatible with any door and can be used by you and members of your family with ease.


It has 4 different ways of unlocking:




Bluetooth and mobile app;



With door cards designed each for a specific knob;



It is simply great! Now you do not need to look for your keys in your apartment when you leave and in your purse when you are coming home under the pouring rain.



The technology is very safe and by installing it you basically by a lock and an alarm system that is going to inform you if someone is trying to break into your room or your home.


The app has a simple and understandable interface that is going to inform you about all of the usage of the knob by the members of your family.





The technology is going to revolutionize home security as we know it with cool design and accessibility. After all – feeling safe in your own home is a number one priority in our world.




You can futnd this project right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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