PIQO - the most powerful mini projector on the market!

PIQO - the most powerful mini projector on the market!

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We all dream of a perfect home. Porch swing, a swimming pool in the backyard. A fireplace. And a home movie theater. Yes, yes. A lot of people dream about a perfect home. And for many of us, having a cinema in the house is a must, for a house to truly be a home.


But, unfortunately, building a home cinema is not a smooth and easy endeavor. It is expensive, you have to have a whole room to spare and there are a lot of things that you need to buy and install to recreate the atmosphere of a real cinema. But, it’s a good thing that some of the developers are taking care of us and are helping us fulfill our dream to the fullest, as there is a new cool mini projector that is going to being your dream of a home cinema much closer to you.


Introducing PIQO – world’s most powerful mini projector. PIQO is going to redefine your at-home movie watching experience. It is going to be bring new colors and new comfort to the whole ordeal. Trust me, after buying PIQO you are never going to want to go to the real cinema ever again – it is all going to be available to you in the comfort of your own home.



PIQO supports video formats up to 1080p HD for the best quality picture you’ve ever seen from such a small projector. Your friends are never going to leave your house ever again – all they are going to want to do now is watch movies and play video games at a big screen.



Bright and colorful picture is going to change the way you have been watching the movies. The plot is going to become irrelevant – tiniest details and colorful picture – that is going to become a new focus for you for a while.



PIQO can go on for 5 hours without having to be additional charged. It can also play up to 50 hours of music with no video. Its small size and long-lasting battery as well as the built-in speakers are going to ensure that you are going to be able to take in anywhere you go and set up your own private cinema there. Be it a sandy beach, camping trip or simply your backyard.




Set up your cinema, gaming or dancing club wherever you are. Isn’t that the freedom that you can enjoy with your best friends? Fully wireless and totally available – two more characteristics which are going to make you want to buy it instantly.



If you are interested in the project, you can buy your own PIQO right here.




Anna S

Anna S

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