Pangolin: Cybersecurity Made Easy at Kickstarter

Pangolin: Cybersecurity Made Easy at Kickstarter

By / Life Styles / Thursday, 07 November 2019 11:28

With world developing so fast around us, it is no wonder that we are going to come across new things and new term all the time. And is has already been a while since the term cyber-security has come into our lives. And we are now force to come face to face with the need to protect ourselves and our children when we are surfing the world web.


And it is only natural that we are going to invest into new and new devices which are going to help us with this tricky task – protecting ourselves from the people and actions which we don’t even see.




And here is where Pangolin becomes really handy.


Pangolin is the newest invention by technicians from Hong Kong. It is a device that is not only going to protect your internet usage, but can even restrict it. It is very simple to use – you plug in your adapter and your router and voila – it is all ready to protect you.



What can it do?


Well, Pangolin is going to block all the ads, serve as the anti-bufferbloat, evolve as a security device and provide parental control among other things. In short – it is going to do everything that earlier you needed to install a whole lot of software for.



But, undeniably, one of its most interesting and useful features is the parental control. In the scopes of this program, Pangolin is not only going to block inappropriate websites for children and restrict children’s access to social networks, it is also going to make sure that your child doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer, but shutting internet off in the set time. This way you are not going to have to be on top of your children all the time – Pangolin is going to do it for you. 



The device is also not going to need your attention when it comes to updates – it gathers all the information and sends it to the HQ od Pangolin developers, so when the need for update comes, the device got it all covered.



Pangolin is already praised by net security specialists all around the world. Try and invest into the project here and you will see how useful it can be as well!




Anna S

Anna S

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