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Dr Pocket - Dr is always with you 24/7 as seen on indiegogo - Review

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One of the amazing products launched on July 2019 is carry on Doctor with you all the time, forget about the pills and drugs this puppy as advertised can solved allot of health issues.


* We at SmartGalileo did not try this product nevertheless advertisement looks promising and we always like to write about the new features on the market.




  1. Easy to carry

  2. Drug-Free

  3. FDA 510K Cleared

  4. Unlimited Modes

  5. Reusable Pad

  6. Fast Pain Relief

  7. Wireless Bluetooth

  8. App Control





  1. 2 Wireless electronic pads

  2. 1 Tens control unit

  3. 1 Usb Charging Cable

  4. 4 Wired electrode pads

  5. 1 Connection wire



What Dr Pocket can address?

what it can do

  1. Neck

  2. Upper, Mid and Lowe back

  3. Feet and Toes

  4. Calves, Thighs And Arthritis

  5. Shoulder and Arms

  6. Arms and Wrists






Similarity of Dr Pocket


  1. Circulation

  2. Kneading

  3. beating

  4. Scraping

  5. Cupping

  6. Acupressure

  7. Percussion

  8. Acupuncture


VIDEO 1 Dr Pocket


VIDEO 2 Dr Pocket


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