M250 hex drive toolkit on kickstarter.com

M250 hex drive toolkit on kickstarter.com

By / Life Styles / Tuesday, 20 August 2019 06:21

I’ll admit – not all of us need a screwdriver around us all the time. But agree with me – the time when you do need it – it is never around. And IF you need it, it means that something went VERY WRONG.


Well, be sure that with M250 hex drive toolkit by TACTICA you are never going to find yourself in a situation like that.



Tactica is a very cool company that brings us all kinds of very interesting and needed developments and their latest M250 hex drive is going to make a real difference when it comes to portable tool kits. Tools that you might need but that are not going to weigh a lot as well as are not going to take up a lot of space. Isn’t that a dream for everyone who owns a bike, a car or spends a lot of time in their out-of-town cabin.



M250 is going to come in handy is every situation imaginable – wherever you are, you are going to thank yourself for having bought it in the first place.



M250 is going to give you possibilities right in your hand. It has 12 most common hex bits as well as 2 tiny spaces for the hexes of your own to fit into firm stainless steel insert. There is also the possibility to extend the reach of the device with a special install. Here is what comes in this smaller-than-credit-card tool kit.




You can also carry it however you like – on your belt, your backpack or just hang you your fridge or any other metal surface – magnets inside are going to make sure that you are going to always find it when you need it.



It was approved a carry on for a plane and can easily rest right up against any of your devices – the screen is not going to scratch.


M250 is a great tool for those who need multiple screwdrivers but don’t want them to occupy a whole lot of space.


You can support this project at kickstarter.com.


Anna S

Anna S

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