Shine: Automate Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance on Indiegogo

Shine: Automate Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance on Indiegogo

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Toilets. Admittedly not a favorite place in the house for anyone. Why is that? Well, usually toilets are associated with bad smalls and dirty bowls. And admit – when you are preparing for a job interview or a night in the movies that last thing you need and what is prepare for it next to something dirty and unpleasant.


And not all of us have cleaning ladies who can help us deal with the problem. Most of us need to deal with the cleaning ourselves and we do not always have time for it, plus, it is something that we forget about pretty fast.


But, some of the new appliances developed around the world can help us deal with this small but very unpleasant problem that we come across every once in a while.



Shine: Automate Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance – a device so simple and small, but so genius at the same time. All you need to do is load it and install it anywhere near your toilet. Everything else is going to be do for you.




So, how does Shine do its magic?


Well, you feel the device with water and add an eco-friendly cleaning pod containing salt and water. Essentially your bowl is going to be cleansed and freshened up by distilled water – just the thing you need in order to get rid of smalls and stains.




All you are going to have to do is flush or command the device with your phone app. Yes, yes. You are going to be able to prepare your bathroom beforehand and being away from home as well. Isn’t that nice? Thai way you are going to ensure that your morning routine is not going to include any of the unpleasant things… well, except for having to get up really early in the morning.



Shine is also going to follow the state of your toilet and alert you when there is a leak or some other problem with it. This is the best way to ensure you are safe from different mishaps.



Be sure – Shine is going to become a necessary and pleasant addition to your every-day light.


If you want Shine to help you with this task, fund this project right here. 


Anna S

Anna S

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