Why hire a freelance article writer for your blog?

Why hire a freelance article writer for your blog? Featured

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It's not a very difficult or hard job to find a freelance article writer. But you need to decide before which types of article you need. Because every article has a definite guideline. Even without SEO optimization articles are just bogus and waste your buck. So first decide according to your needs then start to find article writer.

Types of article

Just think about which type of article you need then go to the marketplace and find an article writer if you have any writers then discuss with him/her freely. But always check his previous works and his qualification otherwise you just kill time.

  1. Editorials
  2. Op-Eds
  3. Letters to the Editor
  4. Reviews article (Any kind of product)
  5. Obituaries.
  6. Advertisements
  7. Classified Ads/press release
  8. Blogging
  9. Front Page article for the newspaper 

Why hire freelance writers?

As a successful blogger, I put here my opinion. If you want to carry your readers or visitor continue then you need to update your website every moment. That’s why you need to publish articles a minimum of 20 times a month. So, you must need one or two article writers. Even each of these articles should provide readers with enough valuable information to keep them coming back for more. That information also needs to be wrapped in an attractive. so that reader comes back again more enthusiastically. However, I have some reasons for finding an article writer:

  • You don’t have time to write high-quality articles regularly.
  • You lost your writing creativity.
  • Busy with other work.
  • You are not able to understand your topic clearly
  • If you are not familiar with writing

How to find an article writer?

Content is the king of your blog, so while you going to search for an article writer you need to follow the points below:

  1. Where post your request for an article writer?
  2. Reviews article (Any kind of product)
  3. Which types of content do you want?
  4. Writers' types and skill
  5. Fixed your timing
  6. How much are you willing to pay for word?
  7. What to look for in a writer?
  8. How responsive is his commitment to work?
  9. How reviews has he already gotten?

 Where post your request for an article writer?

Just type (find article writer ) and search in the search engine, and you will get a lot of marketplace websites and posts. But never choose robotic work.

A lot of websites provide the article within a very short time but the is not really good which you deserve. Sort out the best marketplace like isitworks.com and create your account and choose your writer. 

But few websites give you a suitable option for posting your requirements, just post your requirement there. Below are some of the good sites for finding article writers:

Imageorm.com content service provider





Which types of content do you want?

After selecting your marketplace posts your requirements and mention the types of articles that you need. Then it will be very easy to find your article writer.

Writers' types and skill

Think about which kind of writer you need, The types of articles you want are what they can provide you. Every writer has a portfolio or resume of work, so check it properly. Also, wants some sample work from them, so then you will understand their skill. But you need a premium tool like Grammarly or Copyscape for checking their work. Without checking never publish your article. If they delivered plagiarism content then you will lose your ranking, visitor, and lost your valuable time.

Reviews article (Any kind of product)

The cent percentage of affiliate sites owner and manufacturer needs the review article. So, if you have an affiliate blog or e-commerce website then you need to review content. But mind It, Without authentic information your article is worthless. So, give him the authentic guideline for your review. And must check his educational background because poor English writing will harm the blog's reputation.

Fixed your duration

Clearly inform him of your time duration. Suppose you will post today so your writer obviously deserves a minimum of 72 hours' time for writing.  so, Always inform him of your publication schedule so, that he can keep his word properly. Order canceling is not a gentle way,  if you give him proper time then his work will be perfect.

How much are you willing to pay for word?

How to set your price? While you go to the marketplace you will get a lot of gigs and their writer always mentions their price in the gig. Even if you go to any article writing website there you will get a fixed price. So try to contact them and inform your pricing. But naturally a good content with 1000 words you need to pay a minimum of $30. So talk with them and order.

How responsive is his commitment to work?

Responsiveness is the main part of being a good writer. And a great sign of professionalism and reliability. You must deserve his responsibility of work. This is particularly important if you're hiring someone to work remotely or on any marketplace platform.

How reviews has he already gotten?

Are you in a marketplace to find an article writer? Firstly check his account review, and try to read the maximum review to try to understand his working quality and his mentality and behavior. A good writer always will be patient and polite with his buyers. Because his work is good but his behavior is not good then he will get bad reviews. Even check his reviews reply.





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