Top 5 best Aviation Blogs

Top 5 best Aviation Blogs Featured

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Aviation is one of the fast-growing careers, and getting involved as an enthusiast would work well for an interested person. Therefore, getting information from experienced people already in the field is essential. You are sure you want to get information from trustworthy sources to understand the exact information you are looking for. Aviation is a broad field; it has varied areas of specialization and careers which could be great for you. Take time to research the top 5 aviation blogs that will help you decide what you are really looking for and want to do. The following are the top five aviation blogs that you need to learn from.

  1. Isitfly . Com

Isitfly is undoubtedly a leading aviation blog for aviation enthusiasts and everyone interested in aviation or someone working in aviation. The blog covers all relevant breaking news worldwide, such as interviews with leading aviation professionals. The business people in the hotel and restaurant services are given a space to post their services for those interested in aviation to find quality accommodation.

Maximizing travel via points and miles in aviation is one of the goals of the Isitfly blog.  If you are interested in making your first step by signing into Isitfly, you will have access to travel credit access posts made by business followers on the platform. Sign in on the Isitfly blog and access information and ideas shared on the blog that will maximize your money and create value in air travel.

A future pilot willing to start a pilot training journey, the Isitfly blog shares articles from experienced and seasoned pilots that write content based on passion and experiences in aviation. If you take time going through the blog, you get a glimpse of insights ranging from the world's best female pilot’s taildragger to flight logs for the cross-country.  This content from the Isitfly blog ranges from all aspects connected to quality aviation service, with more than 20-50 posts per day on average.

  1. Aviation Week

The aviation week blog covers breaking news in aviation daily. You will find news on which airline is grounded on which route and why it made new routes, its latest cost reductions, and the latest pay cuts, among others. It also has military breaking news and a sir space shuttle news section to keep its aviation followers and enthusiasts updated with what is happening in the forces and NASA.

The blog is a professional and quality resource for anyone interested and seriously looking for aviation news for quality knowledge. In the Aviation week blog, you will rarely or fail to see any funny or laughs anecdotes posted. Still, you will consistently get aviation coverage of very pressing issues that you need to know as an aviation enthusiast.

  1. Fear of Landing

Blog run by an aviation author and pilot known as Sylvia Wrigley emphasizes varied nuances on aviation safety. The writer agrees to take responsibility for popular themed aviation shows on television known as “Why Planes Crash” on a weather channel. Other interesting posts from this blog are mind-blowing about why planes crash.

The blog drives the idea of “The art of not hitting the ground too hard.” As the blog's name suggests, this blog's content is dedicated to finding out why accidents happen and analyzing reports on aviation accidents. However, Wrigley covers other aviation incidents and what other pilots need to learn from those incidents and accidents to avoid such action in the future.

Plenty of articles in this blog are engaging to pilots; most importantly, posts are categorized separately with an average of four to five articles per month.

  1. Airline Reporter

Airline Reporter has been blogging about aviation since 2009 with more than 35 writers with experience flying around the world. The writers are cabin crews and pilots who take notes and share the same insights and experiences with the followers or members of the blog. On average, writers have an experience measured on a cumulative of 2 million miles making it safe to say that articles shared are from experts’ commercial airlines.

You need to follow Airline Reporter if you are looking for a blog that shares the latest news and insights about recent experiences of airline travels and flying major airlines into various airports worldwide. This team has experience detecting aby dirt that may result from the rollout of fare and aircraft offerings.

This is a bog. You cannot get enough of the pictures posted. There is all news about new aircraft and ultra-modern aircraft interiors, something that many followers want to get from the airlines they travel with love. 

  1. Ladies Love Taildraggers

Ladies Love Taildraggers blog is primarily for women interested in becoming pilots and those who have already become pilots. If you are a female pilot, this blog should be one of your sing-ins because you need to share your insights from your experience and get other female pilot experiences. This sharing creates confidence in aspiring female pilots interested in sliding into the cockpit of the taildragger.  The mission of Ladies Love Taildraggers club members is to encourage women worldwide to have fun while flying taildraggers. The blog connects females with other female aviators making 2-3 interesting monthly posts. 

Ladies love Taildraggers blog writers are professionals who are actively involved in aviation every day. Despite an excellent command of aviation technical English, the content is written in plain English for aspiring female pilots to understand for the love of the blog.

If you are a female planning to have a country crossing trip, reach out to one of the host pilots listed on the Love Ladies Taildraggers to get the best places for breakfast, bed, and other travel requirements.





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