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Trio is an amazing portable 2 screen monitors that you can take with you everywhere and put it on your laptop.


Two sizes available for Trio

12.5 inch and 14inch 



Visual Application:


  1. Business Meetings

  2. Presentations

  3. Schoolwork

  4. Gamin

  5. Programing

  6. Trading

  7. Traveling



Take it with you everywhere








Around the world people are trying to adopt to new solutions in financial market, 3 People decided to make a stand and invented Arival Bank; The bank of the future without any borders.


The best way to understand what it is and why to back it up is to see this video:



 The Guys has already a nice sum of money to get rolling while this article is written and have more then 650 users who are waiting to get started on this journey with them.


On 3 different conventions Arival Bank won 3 different prizes as one the future development in financial market.



Get the Arival Bank get their goal pledge now


One of the amazing products launched on July 2019 is carry on Doctor with you all the time, forget about the pills and drugs this puppy as advertised can solved allot of health issues.


* We at SmartGalileo did not try this product nevertheless advertisement looks promising and we always like to write about the new features on the market.




  1. Easy to carry

  2. Drug-Free

  3. FDA 510K Cleared

  4. Unlimited Modes

  5. Reusable Pad

  6. Fast Pain Relief

  7. Wireless Bluetooth

  8. App Control





  1. 2 Wireless electronic pads

  2. 1 Tens control unit

  3. 1 Usb Charging Cable

  4. 4 Wired electrode pads

  5. 1 Connection wire



What Dr Pocket can address?

what it can do

  1. Neck

  2. Upper, Mid and Lowe back

  3. Feet and Toes

  4. Calves, Thighs And Arthritis

  5. Shoulder and Arms

  6. Arms and Wrists






Similarity of Dr Pocket


  1. Circulation

  2. Kneading

  3. beating

  4. Scraping

  5. Cupping

  6. Acupressure

  7. Percussion

  8. Acupuncture


VIDEO 1 Dr Pocket


VIDEO 2 Dr Pocket


You like Dr Pocket back it up now

Back it



We are already watching this product for a while, it appeared in our life a month ago in July 2019 and has already almost 40k in back rollers, the Device is an amazing machine that will be in every house hold.

Introducing: JROLL X10

A machine that will assist to so many people with shaking hand that can not generate a perfect roll.

A prototype is Ready and everyone is waiting for the release of Jroll X10



A video was stollen and released prematurely and had the most amazing amount of views and sharing around the world and this Jroll a legitimacy for publish this amazing product




Important features

Jroll X10 is a machine that has several important features:

1. Weigh

2. Grind

3. Mix

4. Rolls


Like rock and roll and you are ready to go.






You can join the revolution of tomorrow - here is their initial offer on indiegogo:



Sad and Exciting

Once I saw this amazing device i had so many emotions sad and Exciting. As someone who has several pets at home and lived in the era of Tamagotchi i'm divided by my view.

In one hand you can not just switch your full life to technology, so many pets are waiting to be rescued to be played with to be nurtured, on the other hand i did killed almost 20 different Tamagotchi when i was young ( They all died because i forgot to feed them ).


New age of 2019 Brings us to an amazing technology feature that you just can not say you did not saw it coming. Kiki robot has all the features to emulate any pets behavior.

Here in SmartGalileo we are in the frontier of technology and always looking to provide assistance to all the amazing gadget and features that there are on the market.


What is Kiki?

Lets' describe what is KiKi, It looks like a Cat or maybe a Dog that wants to be played with, it has emotions it has the filling of touch and it's just a very fun Toy to have in your house.


KickStarter launched this enterprise around July 2019 and while we are writing this review it has already 39 backers and nice sum of money to get this project started.

It has long descriptions, never the less as usual pictures does its' magic.



** as shown Kiki can Dance to your music and be with you



Kiki shows emotions and you can understand that developers worked hard probably with cartoon designers to provide the feeling of emotion


The emotion shows as a reaction with amazing graphics on this specific touch.




You just can't see it enough, and we want it in our home.



The designers worked hard as seen in the next Blueprints:






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