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Anna S

Thursday, 12 December 2019 10:58

The Raine One Electric Scooter on Kickstrater

No matter how some people might resist, the progress is moving forward and reaching even the most unlikely corners of our lives. Just a few years ago we were wondering when we would see those electric scoters and bicycles in the streets and today some people cannot imagine their lives without them.


That is why there is no wondering now – the development process here is going to keep on going, opening new and new possibilities for the people all around the globe. And Raine One Electric Scooter is doing just that – it is the next step in the development of electric scooters.



Light, safe and smooth, Raine One is going to give you the feeling of total safety all the while providing you with the joy of movement. Raine is one of the most anticipated developments in today’s market and people all around are expecting to see what it is going to being to the table. And I am going to tell you what - superior acceleration, poly-shock suspension, aircraft grade materials and safety. Isn’t that enough?




Raine can accelerate to 50 km/h covering up to 4 kilometers on one charge. It can go uphill with ease and the charging process is taking as little time as possible.



You are also going to be in full control of your vehicle, having the possibility to control everything - from integrated locking, to on the fly mode switching and power management. Of course, being on the stage of prototype, we can hope that all of the features of Raine One are going to be improves, although there is no need in this – all of the features of the vehicle are next to perfect when it comes to Raine.




One of the key features of Raine is safety. The scooter is equipped with both day and night lights so that to ensure that you are not going to have any accidents any time of day.




Light, foldable and easy to operate. Every feature of Raine one was developed with the thought of convenience. And it is so pleasant to see, that the developer delivers. Those, who are going to help the project right here are going to have the possibility to test Raine One earlier than the general public. And boy, am I envious!



It has been a long time since we accepted a simple truth – gadgets are ruling our lives and when the battery on one of our gadgets is dying, so does a small part of our soul. As soon as the battery on our phone runs out we become lost and do not know what to do. And of course, there is one question – where can I charge it?


But here is precisely where troubles kick in. We need to carry around a lot of chargers and a lot of cables, especially if you know that during the day you are going to have to charge multiple devices like your phone, laptop and your tablet. But here is where your troubles come to an end.


Here is HyperJuice: World's First & Smallest 100W GaN USB-C Charger! The small size of HyperJuice is deceptive – it is a powerful tool that is going to come in handy for you while travelling, going into hotels or simply being in the office.



The device is powered by the industry-leading Navitas GaNFast NV6117 Power IC to miniaturize components found in traditional chargers. The new Gallium Nitride semiconductor material allows for power devices to operate at higher voltages and switching frequency which results in smaller and more efficient chargers. 



HyperJuice is going to help you charge 4 devices simultaneously! ‘With 100W, there is plenty of power to share around with 2 x USB-C and 2 x USB-A ports.’ You are never going to ask – where can I charge all of my devices once again, because the answer is clear – HyperJuice!



With HyperJuice you can not only charge several Apple devices. You can also power up two Apple laptops at the same time as changing your iPhone and iPad! And all of these possibilities are going to fit into your pocket easily – the device is no bigger that a pack of cigarettes.  All of the plug-ins are foldable, which means that you are not going to have to deal with extra cables. All you need is just plug in.




Of course, there is also the question of different countries having different outlets. But do not worry. HyperJuice has you covered. Several pins are going to help you convert your device to whatever outlet is needed. It is easy and very, very convenient. Be sure, that you are going to be left completely satisfied with the device.




If you want to help the project, you can do it right here.



Monday, 02 December 2019 11:10

Brush Lee, 10 Seconds Fully Auto-Toothbrush

You are doing this for more than 82 days in your life. Can you guess what it is? Well, brushing your teeth of course! Just imagine – almost 3 months of your life are spent with a toothbrush in your hands. And just thinking about it – it seems ridiculous. Not caring about your smile, of course. But the fact that you are spending so much time on ensuring that it is snow-white.



Of course, sooner or later we were bound to have a solution to this time-wasting problem. And so we did! Here is Brush Lee – the latest development that is going to help you have the whitest smile, the freshest breath in just 10 quick seconds!




What is Brush Lee? Well, it is so much more than just a clever pun-name. it is also one of the best solutions for teeth-brushing in the market. With a push of one button you are launching tooth-pasting foaming process. Then you just place a U-shaped brush in your mouth and go on about your shaving or skin-care routine. This way you are not only saving time on brushing, but can also multi-task.



Brush Lee is very compact and very portable. This means that you can carry it around to wherever you go. It also does not require any additional wires to be carried around in order to charge the brush – it is equipped with one of the latest development in the world – wireless charging station.



Brush Lee has a motor ‘producing high frequency acoustic vibrations that create cavitation effects in the periodontal instance’. This means that every one of your teeth is going to be cleaned thoroughly from all the sides and you are not going to have to do anything for it.



Special U-shaped mouthpiece has nylon bristles which clean your teeth with care. The fact that they are very soft are not going to damage your teeth, but at the same time is going to ensure that every tooth is cleaned to a perfection. There are 1244 bristles on one Brush Lee mouthpiece. This means that on average, each tooth is cleaned by nearly 38 bristles.




Brush Lee runs on a special mouth-washing liquid, which gives far more effective and better results when compared with the regular toothpaste that you are to squeeze out into other u-shaped devices.



Brush-lee only takes 10 seconds out of your day in order to brush your teeth. All of the teeth are brushed simultaneously. But. In case you want a longer or more thorough brush, you can always use a mobile app that gives you access to time and power of each brush.



Brush Lee is nothing like you have ever seen before. And the experience of using it is nothing like you have experienced before. If you want to support the project, you can do it here.   



We all dream of a perfect home. Porch swing, a swimming pool in the backyard. A fireplace. And a home movie theater. Yes, yes. A lot of people dream about a perfect home. And for many of us, having a cinema in the house is a must, for a house to truly be a home.


But, unfortunately, building a home cinema is not a smooth and easy endeavor. It is expensive, you have to have a whole room to spare and there are a lot of things that you need to buy and install to recreate the atmosphere of a real cinema. But, it’s a good thing that some of the developers are taking care of us and are helping us fulfill our dream to the fullest, as there is a new cool mini projector that is going to being your dream of a home cinema much closer to you.


Introducing PIQO – world’s most powerful mini projector. PIQO is going to redefine your at-home movie watching experience. It is going to be bring new colors and new comfort to the whole ordeal. Trust me, after buying PIQO you are never going to want to go to the real cinema ever again – it is all going to be available to you in the comfort of your own home.



PIQO supports video formats up to 1080p HD for the best quality picture you’ve ever seen from such a small projector. Your friends are never going to leave your house ever again – all they are going to want to do now is watch movies and play video games at a big screen.



Bright and colorful picture is going to change the way you have been watching the movies. The plot is going to become irrelevant – tiniest details and colorful picture – that is going to become a new focus for you for a while.



PIQO can go on for 5 hours without having to be additional charged. It can also play up to 50 hours of music with no video. Its small size and long-lasting battery as well as the built-in speakers are going to ensure that you are going to be able to take in anywhere you go and set up your own private cinema there. Be it a sandy beach, camping trip or simply your backyard.




Set up your cinema, gaming or dancing club wherever you are. Isn’t that the freedom that you can enjoy with your best friends? Fully wireless and totally available – two more characteristics which are going to make you want to buy it instantly.



If you are interested in the project, you can buy your own PIQO right here.



Tuesday, 19 November 2019 11:02

Rubber Bang Minigun

3D puzzles become more and more popular as a valid hobby. After all, who wouldn’t want to assemble a mini version of the Coliseum or Eiffel Tower and have it as a reminder of travel or a dream to see those in real life.


But these puzzles cannot always serve a purpose. Yes, you can look at them, but in the end – that is all they can do. Well, not this Rubber Band Minigun that can serve as a perfect toy for your boys to play war with.



Miniguns can often be met in video games as one of the most popular weapons. So it is only right, that boys are going to be interested in them. But we all know, that real weapon is very dangerous and are not to be played with. That is out of discussion. That is why you can quench the knowledge thirst with this very cool toy.



Rubber Band Minigun is a fully automatic Minigun, constructed according to the Gatling Machine Gun Principle. It is made out of wood and come in three forms: wood, black and kit version. The first two versions come already assembled and ready for rubber band fire.  Kit version is specially for those who want to assemble their Minigun on their own.





Kit requires 1-2 hours for assembly and also comes in 2 colors.



Rubber Band Minigun is the most affordable 3-D puzzle in this genre in the market. It is equipped with short rubber bands that you can ‘load’ onto the mechanism and shoot afterwards.



Rubber Band Minigun is fully functional and can be a great source of entertainment.



This is a very unusual project that you can support right here.



How often are we left guessing whether it is going to be too cold in the evening or too hot during the day? How many times in the last month did you leave the house in weather non-appropriate clothing? How often did you leave your umbrella home because the forecast didn’t report rain and got in huge trouble because of it?


I bet that happened to you a lot.


Do not worry. I am the victim of all of this as well. But no more. Not since TEMPEST was introduced to the markets.






What is TEMPEST you would ask? Oh. This development is going to change everything in your household It is your own state of the art weather station that is going to rid you of all of the weather-related troubles in any weather. Tempest is fully synced with the mobile app that will help you not only follow all of the possible weather changes but also will help National and regional Weather Services create more accurate weather forecast for the country in general.



Wind, rain, lightning, temperature, humidity, pressure and sunlight – all of these are measured by Tempest in order to create a perfect forecast for you and your family. Panning a picnic outside the city? Want to organize a BBQ in your back yard? Want to go to the beach with your friends? Never be caught off guard anymore! Rely on Tempest to give you a perfect weather forecast for the future.




Those who have already embraced smart house technologies are going to be pleased to know that TEMPEST is going to proof to be very helpful with setting it up. Turn your sprinkles on when it is predicting rain. Shut down the blinds when the sun comes up, close all of the doors when strong winds come – isn’t that neat?



TEMPEST is going to proof enormous help for years to come as the device is made with sturdy materials with no moving parts, so you are going to enjoy it for many years, no matter the weather and conditions around you.




If you want to invest into the project or purchase your very own tempest, you can do it here



Tuesday, 12 November 2019 11:20

KABUTO CARRY-ON on Kickstarter

How often do you travel and fly? If you have to do that quite often, then you know that it might be quite uncomfortable – you do not always have a good place to hide your valuables, you have to have a separate bag for your laptop and too many souvenirs bought in your destination country can really render your bag useless as there is no place left for your personal belongings.


But it is good that there are people who think about thing like that and who are ready to make up a decision for this little trouble that travelers might come across every once in a while.


KABUTO CARRY-ON – an easy solution for your carry-on needs. Kabuto is going to let you get rid of all of the insecurities ties to your baggage in a jiffy.


What are the most widely-spread baggage issues that we are forced to face during our travels? Security? Not to worry about that: Kabuto has a fingerprint system – no one but you are going to be able to open your bags. It is very safe and you are not going to have to worry about the safety of your belongings.




Weight? Yes, bags can be very heavy. But not Kabuto. It weighs less than 3 kilograms which makes it one of the lightest travelling bags in the markets. Do not worry – its light weight doesn’t mean that it is not sturdy. It is more than capable to withstand all of the travelling-connected challenges that you might face.



Managing your laptop might also be a problem – but not with Kabuto. It has a special detachable laptop and gadgets’ bag that you can clip on and off as you please. The bag also has a 10.000 mAh battery that will let you charge any of your devices, including your laptop wherever.




Are you concerned that you are not going to be able to fit in the bag at the end of your trip? Well, Kabuto has you covered. The bag expands, giving you the additional space for all of your additional baggage.



Other feature of Kabuto include the most silent tires, shoe compartment, trap for an additional bag and a pop-up button.






In other words, Kabuto is going to provide with thing you need and the things you never imagined you needed, although from now on you are not going to be able to enjoy your travels without it!


You can back the project up right here.

A lot of young musicians and video makers are struggling to find good equipment to record their sessions and to make good quality of their product. But we all can imagine how important it is for a beginner musician or a DJ to set a good example of their product, so that it would sell.

But renting special equipment time after time might cause a lot of financial troubles for the people who are just beginning their journey in the professional world. That is why they must seek cheap and easy solutions for their needs and it is so good, that some of the manufacturers are just prepared to give the solution for a low price.



Introducing Reclouder, a 4-in-1 smart audio recording solution that is going to help you out with recording audio and video and storing it directly in the cloud!



Reclouder is a 24-bit/96kHz compact audio SD recorder. It can automatically upload, archive and backup recorded audio files into a dedicated cloud session when connected with Wi-Fi with no need for a direct link to a computer or some other device. It is going to give creators an opportunity to store, sync, and share audio files as well as enhance recordings by using cloud-based services such as mixing, editing, mastering and music distribution.




Managing Reclouder is going to be very easy – you can do it with a special and easy-to-navigate phone all that is going to make your working with the recording device easy and pleasurable.



Reclouder is going to be very easy to work with, even if you have no prior experience with devices of this nature. You just plug in your audio cables, adjust the gain and record – Reclouder is going to automatically store all the recorded data in the cloud without you having to worry about losing it. It can also record multitrack by linking several devices vie Bluetooth technology.




Everyone is going to enjoy Reclouder – bands, videographers, DJs and sound engineers. There is no one is the industry who wouldn’t want to work with the device as professional and easy as Reclouder.




If you are interested in backing up the project, then you can back it up here.



With world developing so fast around us, it is no wonder that we are going to come across new things and new term all the time. And is has already been a while since the term cyber-security has come into our lives. And we are now force to come face to face with the need to protect ourselves and our children when we are surfing the world web.


And it is only natural that we are going to invest into new and new devices which are going to help us with this tricky task – protecting ourselves from the people and actions which we don’t even see.




And here is where Pangolin becomes really handy.


Pangolin is the newest invention by technicians from Hong Kong. It is a device that is not only going to protect your internet usage, but can even restrict it. It is very simple to use – you plug in your adapter and your router and voila – it is all ready to protect you.



What can it do?


Well, Pangolin is going to block all the ads, serve as the anti-bufferbloat, evolve as a security device and provide parental control among other things. In short – it is going to do everything that earlier you needed to install a whole lot of software for.



But, undeniably, one of its most interesting and useful features is the parental control. In the scopes of this program, Pangolin is not only going to block inappropriate websites for children and restrict children’s access to social networks, it is also going to make sure that your child doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer, but shutting internet off in the set time. This way you are not going to have to be on top of your children all the time – Pangolin is going to do it for you. 



The device is also not going to need your attention when it comes to updates – it gathers all the information and sends it to the HQ od Pangolin developers, so when the need for update comes, the device got it all covered.



Pangolin is already praised by net security specialists all around the world. Try and invest into the project here and you will see how useful it can be as well!



When you were a child, I bet that one of your favorite activities with friends was making your paper plane and letting it go. Admit is, you spent hours perfecting your model of a paper plane, praying that it is going to go as far as possible.


I also bet that if your younger self saw POWERUP 4.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane, you would go nuts over it, because this is the device that would surely make you a winner in every race.



So, what is this POWERUP? You make an airplane out of paper, according to your best construction instinct, attach the device to it and just let it go, controlling the flight with a mobile app.



The device only weighs 19 grams and can lift plane made out of anything, as long as it weighs 20 grams or less. 25 minutes’ charge is going to give you 10 minutes of up to 70 meters’ wireless flight range. The speed is unbelievable for something so small – up to 9 meters per second! Impressive, huh?  


What abilities does POWERUP give you? You are going to be able to do tricks with your plane. Wind is not going to be your enemy anymore, no matter how bad the launch was, it going to help your plane recover and fly. And of course every flight is going to be smooth and perfect.




POWERUP can also boast with 2 high speed motors which are going to double the power of the thrust and as a result your turns and maneuvering is going to be more rapid and more exciting. You know what else these two ensure? That no matter what material your plane is made out of, it is going to lift it just fine – as if every plane in paper.



Seriously. Wood, foam or cardboard – you are going to be able to have fun with all of them. Plus, you know that in case of a rough landing, the device is going to live, thanks to the improved technologies that make it so durable and resistant to any damage received during the flight and different possible mishaps – it is a toy after all.




But do not count on a lot of emergency landings. Two wheel attaching to the plane are made to be resistant. These two little circles are going to make sure that both – landing and takeoffs are done to perfection.


You want to make your rides even more exciting? Optional LED lights are the perfect addition to the POWERUP setup. Just attach them onto your plane and voila – you can easily have disco fights with your friends even at night, if the mood strikes you.



So, how do you stir? Simply – you just tilt your phone and the plane is going to repeat all the actions.



So, strap in, find your perfect paper plane design and enjoy POWERUP!


You can back up the project right here.



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